Grizzly ID Project


Bear researchers and naturalist guides have the opportunity to obtain unique knowledge of individuals while viewing bears. Long-term observations of the same population provide information on how bears change over time (both physically and behaviourally), their social ranking, home range fidelity, breeding behaviour, resource use, and the effects of human presence. What comes with this knowledge is the ability to identify typical and unique behaviours.

Understanding individual bears so intimately is the backbone of understanding populations. This knowledge is almost exclusively unique to the bear viewing industry; other than researchers, no other set of professionals can or does spend as much time with wild bears. Developments in camera technology now allows most people to economically carry a camera and photograph bear sightings.



A BBRN project currently in development will allow us to explore just how unique brown bears really are and how we can apply the identity of each individual to understanding more about populations. The Grizzly ID Project is drawing together almost 20 years of accumulated data and exploring new and exciting avenues of bear research that could influence the way we study brown bears worldwide.



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