Join the Brown Bear Research Network

Are you interested in being involved with the BBRN? Do you want your business to contribute directly to bear research and conservation?

Join us and be part of our network!


The Brown Bear Research Network is seeking sponsorship to help fund and facilitate research projects on brown bears in coastal British Columbia.


You can become a sponsor of the BBRN if:

  • You own/operate a business which is involved in commercial bear viewing, to any extent.


How it works

  1. Each member/sponsor contributes $20 per guest on each bear viewing tour or $20 per stay at lodges involved in bear viewing (via a surcharge)
  2. Each member/sponsor assesses the possibility of hosting a bear researcher and therefore providing a field base from which research projects can take place (an in-kind contribution)
  3. Funds from all members are aggregated
  4. A call for research applicants is opened and a peer-review process is used to assess applications under specified protocols by the BBRN Scientific Committee
  5. Projects are selected for funding and methods are assessed to aid in the facilitation of the project
  6. Research outputs are published in internationally-recognised, peer-reviewed academic journals, presented a scientific conferences, published in professional periodicals and delivered as reports. Research findings will also be intended for disseminated to the general public via local, national and/or international media coverage.


Benefits of becoming a sponsor

  • Demonstrate that the non-consumptive commercial bear viewing industry is willing to voluntarily invest in bear research and conservation
  • Membership on the BBRN Board of Donors for each sponsor business – have an active role in this industry-driven initiative.
  • Contribute towards increasing the knowledge on coastal brown bear ecology, behaviour, distribution and abundance.
  • A powerful marketing tool to display the commitment of your business to bear conservation
  • Site-specific knowledge of local bear populations, particularly if sponsors are able to host a researcher (see above)
  • Engage your guests with the ongoing research projects and related findings. Develop your interpretive program.


Alternative sponsorship

You can also donate and be involved with activities of the BBRN if:

  • You are a private donor
  • You own a corporate business
  • You are a non-profit/charitable organisation


Please contact us at or via the Contact Us page for more information about joining the BBRN!