The Brown Bear Research Network

Welcome to the website of the Brown Bear Research Network. We are a group of scientists, naturalists and bear-viewing tourism operators, passionate about the conservation of brown (grizzly) bears in British Columbia, Canada. We decided to start this non-profit organisation to raise funds to conduct vital research projects on coastal brown bear ecology, behaviour, distribution and abundance. We turned to our allies in bear conservation, the bear tourism industry, for help in making this possible. At present we have five companies signed-up (Knight Inlet Lodge; Grizzly Bear Ranch, Ocean Adventures, Ocean Light II Adventures; Pacific Yellowfin Charters) to donate funds directly into a central pot of money which will then be available to fund research projects. Our scientific committee will then conduct a peer-review of research applications, to ensure scientific rigour. Please follow us on facebook and twitter for updates on our organisation and the research projects we fund.

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